CC 1235 Lecture 3: Decoding the Impossible Code on your Impossible film



Look at the back of an Impossible film and you will discover a series of numbers at the edge of chemical pouches. What does this 10-digit-code mean?

In a moment you are going to decode these numbers. Are you ready? Here we go!



You can break down the code into 5 groups, you will know the production date and type of film by reading this code.


1st and 2nd numbers: Production month

3rd and 4th numbers: Production year

5th and 6th numbers: Machine used for the production (for internal records)

7th and 8th numbers: Film type

9th and 10th numbers: Production day


Here is the list of various film type codes used as the 7th and 8th numbers:

02: B&W film for SX-70

32: B&W film for 600 and Image / Spectra

70/72: Color film for SX-70 (including Monochrome Cyan SX-70)

80/82: Color film for 600 and Image / Spectra (including Monochrome Magenta and Cyan 600)


So “0415443213” means that the film is a B&W film for 600 and Image / Spectra which was produced on 13th April 2015 by machine #44. Isn’t it easy to decode?


Next time when you are contacting the customer service of Impossible, please state the number of the film as it is easy for the team to understand which film you are referring to and its exact production date!