SFA 1203 Lecture 5: Composition #2 Centre of Interest – make your photos interesting




When you study photography, it is essential to focus on the main object, that is, you have to decide the Centre of Interest (COI).



Centre of Interest refers to neither the centre of the canvas nor a point, but the theme of photograph – let the main object stand out from the others. It is the thing that grabs the attention of the viewers.

With the Centre of Interest, it would make an outstanding or inspiring shot even if you don’t apply the Golden ratio. Because the viewers have something to follow. This way, the message you want to convey is easier to express too.


WAYS TO COMPOSE COIinstant-university_yellow-border

1. Make a good use of bright colors.


2. Put the subject in the centre or occupy one-third of canvas


3. Let the main object occupy a larger space


4. Apply shallower depth of field


5. Locate the main object in a brighter place

pexels-photo (1)

6. Create a visual path


7. Create pattern to emphasise the subject


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